Club Connect International (CCI)
Club Connect International (CCI) runs a specialized European Tour Program for the Genova International School of Soccer with exclusive football tours for visiting professional amateur, senior, youth, male and female professional and amateur players from Italy, Australia and the UK.
The programs consist of fully customized tours which cater to the needs of the specific individuals or group. Coaching staff are UEFA A and B licensed, providing a professional training complex for both male and female participants between 15 – 21 years of age. All tours consist of full board & 4 star accommodation, training facility, transport, insurance, city tours, selected league game tickets, training kits and official friendly games.

As principal touring partner of the Genova International School of Soccer, the role of CCI is to provide an opportunity for international groups of elite youth footballers to engage with the GISS Academy program, providing access to high performing athletes to a pathway of becoming a professional football player. With an emphasis on player development, the GISS Tour program offers footballers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to challenge themselves at the highest level, experiencing a professional touring program like no other. 
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